John Hart

John Hart is an award-winning, certified master teacher with over 40 years of experience teaching children and training teachers. He is a gifted pianist and the author of many family songs, worship choruses, and musicals. John has the heart of a pastor. He is the author of Start with the Heart: Keys to Successful Living, an online character-building curriculum for college and career adults, which is also available as a printed workbook through Amazon.

Meg Hart

Meg Hart is an author and motivational speaker with a passion to share her legacy of building strong families. She is a mentor to many young moms and future brides and advocates for the art of homemaking.  Meg is well-known for her creativity, enthusiasm, and persistence. Meg is the mother of five amazing children with families of their own. Her nine grandchildren are her inspiration for her book Playtime with Children. Meg is also an award-winning realtor with ReMax Northwest.

Speaking from Experience...

Marriage can be wonderful, but preparation for it takes more work than most people realize. As you listen each week, you'll learn the life skills, strategies and tips necessary for preparing for marriage, maintaining a strong marriage and eventually, raising a family.  Listeners will also be inspired by guests as they tell their stories of romance. This show is Bible-based and intended for those who are open to the Christian faith and traditional marriage.

Affiliations and Disclosures

  • John is the Founder and CEO of Stewardship and Romance LLC
  • John answers his own emails and operates all his own social media presence accounts.
  • John and Meg promote and sells various 3rd party products and services via affiliate marketing links, such as Amazon Associates. (No Amazon Associates links will ever be used in emails.) Presume that most links here have an affiliate relationship attached, but also understand that if John and Meg promote them, then they use and believe in the product or service.
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