Introducing a transformational curriculum for men and women that is both simple and deep. Understand, own, and apply the powerful keys to life found in God's Word, the Bible.

Learn how to:

1. Overcome negative emotions, such as loneliness, fear, anger, and discouragement.

2. Become more connected with others, more productive in life, and filled with purpose.

3. Develop positive character traits, such as empathy, creativity, gratefulness, patience, and love.



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Group Leaders (In-person or online):

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   John Hart with Sergeant Peralta, graduate


Each lesson includes:

  • a scripture-based introduction which includes links to a variety of additional resources
  • personal stories that illustrate each principle
  • a scripture meditation exercise designed to bring the truth into the heart
  • discussion questions
  • application activities


Contact us if you have any questions as you get started. Feel free to listen to our free podcast anytime!


What people are saying . . .


"John and Meg have an incredible passion to reach young adults and to encourage them in their walk in the Lord and righteous living. This course, Keys to Successful Living, begins the equipping process with multiple “Keys” that help unlock one’s potential and destiny in the Lord." (2021)


"This course helped me battle the enemy with God’s Word. It also let me observe how gentle teachers are better received when delivering a message through humbleness and kindness." (2021)


"I was able to make some new friendships and deepen existing ones. I think the “keys” were great and I especially liked the discussions that helped me appreciate others and their life experiences." (2021)


"This course has made me ponder on how I present myself and most importantly practicing how to render grace and patience during tough times during life situations along with my relationship with Chris. The contents of this course always reminds me to render grace, be patient and be loving and always trust GOD’s timing and purpose for our life. Running his race not ours." (2021)


"This course has absolutely helped me overcome some of my weaknesses when it comes to stewardship and romance and the way I carry myself. It has set a tone on my daily affirmations and how I would handle a situation whether if it’s my relationship with my partner or the relationship I have with others. This course was worth the time I spend every Thursday to have fellowship and just dig into the word of God and be reminded that we serve an amazing God." (2021)


"Encouraged me to rethink some things I've known and look at them from a different level of understanding." (2021)


"What an amazing body of work this is, John!! I am immeasurably impressed with your knowledge, wisdom, courage, perseverance. . . all the topics you've written about are manifest in your own life and then you've taken the time to compile and share them with others. You are a brother who is to be commended. . . So well done!" (2020)


"I am amazed at the quality of the content and the effort you have put forth to bring this to life. I admire your git of teaching, as well as your desire to use your gifts for the kingdom of God." (2020)


"Your approach here hits home. Your testimony and personal victory story is powerful. Your advice is so needed." (2020)


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