Three Ways to Prepare for Marriage (episode 1)

Prepare yourself for marriage, or enrich your current marriage, by faithfully practicing the following:

1. Develop your “mundane muscle”

Which of these areas need to be cultivated in your life?

  • Maintain a daily time of prayer, listening or reading the Bible, and Scripture meditation

  • Fellowship with other believers

  • Clean and organize your room

  • Eat healthy

  • Form good life habits

  • Choose your friends carefully

  • Manage your time well.

  • Save your money

2. Work out your relationships

  • Honor your father and mother

  • Get reconciled to siblings and others. (Find the best way to work out areas of hurt.)

  • Deal with memories of past relationships.

  • Get things in the light that have been kept in the darkness.

  • If you are single, get involved with groups of people on worthwhile projects.

  • If you are already married, find something you can do with your spouse on a regular basis.

3. Practice “genuine love.”

  • It’s kind, unselfish, and patient (I Corinthians 13)

  • It has substance behind it—more than just words.

  • It goes beyond the world’s superficial system of “recreational dating”, (which often leads to distraction and broken hearts.)

  • It is not self-indulgent, but willing to wait for sexual intimacy until the after the making of covenant. (For more on this subject, read: What is Covenant

Recommended Books:

Your Marriage Masterpiece, by Al Janssen

Discover what marriage is all about from God’s frame of reference.

30 Day Faith Detox, by Laura Harris Smith

This guide will enable you to effectively prepare for marriage by renewing your mind, cleansing your body, and healing your spirit.

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